1. Something in the works

  2. Hey, I made a shirt!  It’s at Whole Foods Kahala branch!  it promotes robots, food cultivation, and cute animals!  Pick one up today!  Or more!

  3. A tease image for upcoming work.

  4. That’s me, dropping a self bomb.  Hi, do you need something to give your tweeked out new squeeze this X-mas holiday, but just can’t figure out what says, “You’re right for me…right now anyway”  well nothing says that better than a watercolor drawing/painting by yours truly.  Trust me.  I can’t tell you how many relationship beginnings my art has commemorated/commiserated?  I dunno, one of those.  Anyway, come on down to my etsy-mo-shop and take a gander.  I’ll be listing more stuff all week as my anxiety level gets to full speed!

  5. Honolulu Night market!  A market at night!  In Honolulu!  All kinds of crazy things!  there’s a possibility that dinosaurs will walk the earth again!  Art might be sold at fair and reasonable prices just in time for the holidays!  Anything can happen!



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    So….I’ll try to sum up what’s happening here. In 2008, I designed and modeled a robot girl for a college assignment. I posted them on DeviantArt as I always do, and since then I’ve gotten quite a few people asking if they can model it as well. I always tell them sure, as long as I’m credited with the design. I failed to put my name/info on the image though, so it has been spread around the internet and some people have modeled it without my permission (just for the record you don’t have to sign something for it to be protected by copyright). They usually find out who made it later and gladly credit me. So I don’t mind!

    Until someone tries to sell it.

    Fast forward from 2008 to now. I find out that someone has been selling a model of my design on Turbosquid since March of this year, and it has made thousands of dollars in profit. I’m naturally very upset about this, so I report the infringement to Turbosquid. At first they seemed fairly courteous, but then I wake up today and find them basically asking me to let him keep selling the model as long as he credits me. Are you kidding? After making thousands of dollars? Note that Turbosquid takes a 60% commission of profits by default, so they likely made even more money than the seller did from my design.

    They tried to appeal to pity by talking about how hard he worked on creating the model from my design. HI! I DID THAT TOO!

    I just can’t believe Turbosquid is taking the side of the infringer and trying to ignore the fact that they both made thousands of dollars off my IP without my permission. The minimum amount of money made is $2,481.00. I base that on how many reviews the model had, which you can only do if you buy it. However, this doesn’t include any purchases made that weren’t given reviews.

    I think it goes without saying that the profits belong to me. It is not right for a guy in another country to steal my design and make thousands from it while I struggle to make ends meet. I have never made a penny off of that character design. To think that Turbosquid considers it fair for me to make nothing off my design while they made thousands is just unbelievable.

    PLEASE reblog this. I am an amateur artist. I am not famous. I spent $130,000 to go to art college and haven’t found a full-time job since. My only job is the freelance I do from home. I am not Disney. I can’t afford to have my designs stolen for profit. I am hopeful that with enough exposure of this, Turbosquid will suddenly find the ethics they dropped on the floor somewhere. If this can happen to me, it can happen to you.

    max is a fantastic artist and had his design stolen and used for profit on 3D modeling website, and now the site is going so far to say that he should “recognize the effort put into ripping off his design” 

    the person who ripped off his design has made THOUSANDS off his design and TurboSquid isn’t taking any responsibility for it. please get the word out and let sites like turbosquid know this is NOT okay

    This is NOT ok.

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    This is the world I want to live in. 

    ME TOO. This is the best thing ever.

    not enough footage.

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    I remember my first eagle ceremony when I turned nine. The first eagle you get is always declawed, which I always thought was pretty inhumane, but it was a good way to ease into caring for the birds. My eagle (named Baldy, because I wasn’t a terribly clever child) was already quite old when I received him (he was a rescue eagle, luckily) but I did have him until I was 16. I don’t know if I was more excited about getting my drivers license that year, or my new eagle! You should have seen the party we had when I got him, too! Grilled hot dogs and fire works and lemonade…. obviously I named my beautiful new eagle Freedom. He’s too big to keep inside anymore, unfortunately, but we’ve got a pretty comfortable roost for him on our apartment’s balcony.

    Ah, yes, the eagle ceremony! My Justice and I remember his quite well. (They had just come out with telepathic link transplants when I got him, which is how I know he remembers it.) Our celebration was quite modest, compared to Freedom’s—apple pie under a cloudless summer sky as we signed our Declaration of Interdependence. I still have the inked and talon-pierced document hanging on my wall.

    what is this 

    Get out Canada

    I was so scared during my pet eagle ceremony I almost threw up. But Stonewall Jackson and I have been best friends ever since. My dad and grandfather built a really massive roost behind the house for my eagle and my sisters’ eagles. Stonewall always waits for me when I get home from class since schools are getting so over protective and strict these days and won’t allow eagles indoors. Which just goes to show how much we’re bubble wrapping kids today. Back in the day, if you couldn’t handle a few stitches because you pissed off the wrong kid’s eagle, you had to just man up and learn your lesson!

    Ooo, I never miss a chance to tell this story! I had a rather unusual first eagle ceremony. The traditional giant American flag that you wave around to summon your eagle had been severely damaged the week prior (a ceremony that had not gone according to plan, but the child only suffered minor talon wounds. The flag took the brunt of the attack).  Anyway, I couldn’t use the normal flag so we had to search ALL OVER for one suitable for eagle summoning. Unfortunately the stripes weren’t the correct shade of patriotic red so everyone was worried an eagle wouldn’t show up at all.  I had to stand in the middle of that wheat field, the wind creating amber waves out of it, shaking that flag in the air for over three hours.  Everyone was just about to give up when suddenly Patriot appeared out of nowhere!  He came to me so quickly it was like he was apologizing for being late.  And we’ve been together ever since.

    Some people think it’s excessive to have two eagles.  But what can I say, I’m a two eagles kind of guy.  Well, I can say, “You must be a terrorist to call me out over my excesses,” but I digress.  We don’t have many open fields around here, so I got Liberty by waving my flag atop a decommissioned WWII aircraft carrier.  I was kicking a couple of boxes of tea into the harbor for good measure, and there she was.  I loved her so much I repeated the process a year later and got young Colbert here.  It’s hard work, raising two eagles, but I have two shoulders, after all.  Besides, I know that the secret to happy and healthy eagles is plenty of Bud Light.

    Oh man, the eagle ceremony. I was a weird fucking kid, okay, so I was totally sure that the eagle ceremony wasn’t just going to net me my eagle and deepen the mystical bond between a citizen and their country, I thought I was going to get to turn into an eagle too. So me and my mom and my dad and my little brother are all standing in the old civil war battleground, surrounded by the ghosts of our fallen soldiers, and all and the problem here — it’s not usually a problem because I make sure to shave my beard off twice a day, three times on sundays — was that I am, actually, born on the fourth of July. So it wasn’t just one eagle that showed up, it was pretty much every big old patriotic warbird in Missouri, all flapping around confused and pissed off, their innate senses of direction completely fucked up by the way firecracker babies warp America’s natural system of ley lines. And I was six, so grabbed the flag and ran with it over my shoulders, rippling in the wind, thinking it was going to turn into wings for me and I would go be an eagle with all the other eagles. Instead I just got mobbed by a freaked-out mess of nationalistic avians who all weighed more than I did. I lost half my nose and my whole left arm and spent most of fourth grade in reconstructive surgery getting machine guns welded on to the shattered remains of my ulna. Completely missed my little brother’s eagle ceremony, which I will always regret, but it was all worth it to have met Columbia. I never did turn into an eagle on the outside, but I like to think those long hours in the hospital, feeding her rubbing alcohol and my own blood, have made me an eagle in my heart. 

    They don’t import eagles to Hawaii We don’t want any sickness that an eagle might have.  That would be illeagle! (haha classic eagle ceremony joke, amirite?)  So in Hawaii we adopt Hawaiian Hawks, but since they are an endangered species, we have each zip code adopt one, and the community cares for it.  It’s a great way to get the community together and show the youth what social responsibility is all about.

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  13. Another good fun fundraiser with my drawing buddies, raising some $$ for Art-to-Go, a very cool community outreach program.

    Lots of groovy artists turned out to make this happen, and I actually managed to take a few pictures this time.  Sadly I was unable to collaborate with anyone on anything, but we still had good fun.  Plus I got to see Solomon Enos’s insane tabletop wargame miniature collection!  I can’t even explain how cool that is.

    Thanks for everyone who came out and supported the event, and thanks to Natalie Aczon and the Whole Foods crew for hosting, and thanks to Organik Clothing for supplying the canvases!

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    Hell yes.